Soul Flavours Kachi Ghani Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

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  • There are some ingredients that are irreplaceable in the Indian kitchen and Mustard oil is one of them. Apart from being an essential ingredient in preparing various regional delicacies, it also provides many health benefits. It has a perfect blend of natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids, both of which are extremely useful in maintaining a healthy heart. 

    Including just 2tbsp of pure, unadulterated, natural cold pressed Soul Flavors Mustard oil in everyday cooking can result in healthy skin, hair and heart.
  • Cold Pressed Oil

    Extracted without any added heat, which ensures that the oil retains natural flavour, aroma and pungency of the seeds
    100% Natural
    Contains no preservative, chemicals or artificial colors and made by using the finest Mustard seeds
    Health Benefits
    This oil contains essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Minerals and antioxidants and is also rich in MUFA & PUFA, which help to balance cholesterol. According to studies, Mustard oil is considered one of the healthiest edible oils due to its ideal fatty acids proportion. 
    Ideal for Indian Cooking
    Mustard oil is the most popular oil in Indian cuisine and is used to make traditional dishes like curries and preserve pickles. It is has a high smoking point making it ideal for deep frying.
    Long shelf life
    It contains rich amounts of Allyl Isothiocyanate which increase the shelf life of this oil.
  • Name & Address of the Manufacturer

    (A) Sanmati Edible Oils Pvt. Ltd.

    G-502 (B), ROAD NO. 9-A Vishwakarma Industrial Area Jaipur-302013 Rajasthan

    (B) Jai Vaishno Oil Mills,

    G-46, Riico Industrial Area, Khairthal, District Alwar  301404, Rajasthan

    Name & Address of the Marketer:

    Modicare Ltd., 5 Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025