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  • Let the children enjoy their childhood and make memories and let the adults relive their childhood with...

  • Centre filled sweet and spiced masala powdered candy gives you the irresistible taste of Raw Mango flavour.

    . Offers a unique tantalizing Khatta-Meetha taste, sure to delight your taste buds.
    Raw Mangoes may be seasonal but with Soul Pops Kaccha Aam Candies you can enjoy it throughout the year.
    A family packs of 50 candies to enjoy with family and friends.
    Conveniently packed in a pillow pouch you can carry easily in your pocket or purse. 
    Enjoy on the go anytime – anywhere.
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    Shah Industrial Estate Shed A,C D1,E-H Khambhalia Highway, Vasi,  Jamnagar 361006, Gujarat

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    Modicare Ltd., 5 Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025